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Current Testimonies: DwightScott 


Dwight came to R.H. after 13 years of incarceration. Billy, a former resident of R.H., introduced us to Dwight earlier this year when Dwight was on work release. They knew each other from their work as barbers in the Union Correctional Center. Since Dwight was on work release when he came to us, he retained his job at a used parts company. But he is looking beyond employment as he strives to honor God in his new life. He has reestablished contact with his family; especially with his ailing mother. Through God's help, he has been able to purchase a home for his mom and will be joining her there after completing his time at R.H. Volunteers have come around him to provide a great support system which started in the prison camp and continues to this day. And he has been a great encouragement to the guys at the house. His stability as a believer in Christ has been a big asset to some of the younger residents here. Please keep Dwight in your prayers as he continues his journey of faith and grows in Christ. [Back to top]


Scott came to us from the Life Skills class at the Union County Jail. He had been in and out of prison for years, and when he came to us he had a great desire to get his life back on the right track. Since joining us, he has been able to build new relationships with his mom and step dad here in Union County. He also has recently completed his GED classes and is graduating with honors. Yea Scott! His immediate goals are to pursue a college education and work part-time while he finishes up his time at R.H. Scott is also cooking our meals during the week, and nobody is loosing weight. He does a great job and much of what he cooks comes from our garden, which he also maintains. He has worked hard to raise some great vegetables. Scott is also strong in his faith and that has helped the other guys who have come out of the Life Skills class to remain focused on Jesus Christ. Please pray for Scott as he continues to work on his new living skills. [Back to top]

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