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“To provide a nurturing environment to rebuild hurting people’s lives for our Lord, Jesus Christ... by giving them the tools to lead a productive life."

THE PROBLEM… 4 Out of 5 crimes committed are by repeat offenders. Statistics also say that 93% of people in prison released back into society will return to jail or prison at a rate of 80%. These people who have been incarcerated have little work ethic, nor moral standards to build their life on, therefore, they return to a life of crime.

We, as the Christian Community need to step in and disciple these people, modeling the life of responsible citizens in their community. Restoration House is a place where people can come to learn discipline and the knowledge of Jesus Christ, so they can be productive in their community. We need to teach them how to be good parents, sons and daughters, and responsible husbands, wives, employees and neighbors. 

THE SOLUTION… The number one goal for our residents is to establish a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. This is done through Bible Study, Christian mentoring and encouraging them to have a personal time of fellowship with God. Each resident is required to attend either his church or a local church on a weekly basis. If the resident is a member of a church, we try to work with the Pastor for their discipleship and training. 

We assist residents with obtaining birth certificates, Social Security and ID cards so they can be employed. We also assist them in finding a job. When they begin receiving a paycheck, they are required to pay a fee to help support the house. We have found that it takes 3 to 4 job placements before most of our residents keep a job. They are also counseled on budgeting and handling their finances. We are networking with other agencies such as Operation Reachout, DSS, Southern Piedmont Community College, Vocational Rehab, Piedmont Behavioral Clinic and others to help assist our residents.

Pastor Marty Ellis
Restoration House Ministry
PO Box 3046
Monroe NC 28111
email:  Marty@restorationhouses.org

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